Men’s Shed

The proposed Men's Shed at Kiama. Ready to lodge the D>A>Proposed Shed ready for D.A.

Excerpt from Kiama Council:

Report of the General Manager – Ordinary Meeting – 21 July 2009

Kiama Uniting Church – Men’s Shed (PR.03868)
Lot 1 DP604644 – 48 Manning Street Kiama

This report advises of a request from the Kiama Uniting Church for financial and
in kind support to fund the capital cost of the building and equipment for a
men’s shed.

Council’s financial and in kind support for the capital cost of the building and
equipment for a men’s shed is sought. No funds for this project have been
allocated in the 2009/2010 Budget.

That Council:-
1) advise of its support in principle for the establishment of a men’s shed;
2) donate relevant application fees and hold discussions with the Uniting Church
on the possibility of an interest-free loan being provided to support the project;
3) support any applications to Federal and State Government for funding assistance.

Council has received a letter from Mr Ian Yabsley of the Kiama Uniting Church
seeking funding and in kind assistance for the establishment of a men’s shed at
Kiama. A copy of the letter has been circulated to Councillors.

An extract from the letter received is as follows:-

"The purpose of the men’s shed is to enhance the wellbeing, happiness
and positive health of men in the Kiama Municipality by providing an
avenue for mateship while developing a sense of community through
practical, informal and collective experiences.

The purpose of a men's shed mirrors directions and efforts outlined in
Kiama Council's Strategic Plan, particularly in the areas of Community
Cohesion and Wellbeing and Quality Facilities, Services and
Infrastructure. A men's shed would meet the objectives, strategies and
outcomes of council's strategic plan through the volunteered efforts and
organisational skills of an existing community group, the Kiama Uniting

The church has agreed to donate a significant parcel of land in its
grounds, located on the corner of Manning and Bong Bong St, to build the
shed. Estimations of the value of the land is between $100,000 and

The proposed funding of the men’s shed is as follows:-
• Kiama Uniting Church is donating land, project organisation, insurance and
support for the establishment of a men's shed in Kiama.
• The capital costs for the building and equipment is currently unfunded.
• The steering committee for the Kiama Uniting Church Men's Shed is seeking
grants from local, state and federal government together with donations and
sponsorships from businesses and individual citizens to meet the building and
equipment costs.
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